Tonal - Contrapuntist:  One Composer's Credo           


       … What the sensitive ear can follow, so can the mind accept,

and the soul be moved and enlarged.


No hierarchy of triadically anchored keys, no major/minor scales, no

primary chords or modalities, no textures or colors or rhythms devoid of

tonal direction.  Just a central tone — one above all others as point of

departure and destination, that most primitive and durable of sonic

obsessions.  Working out a mesh of voices as expressive and lucid as

heart and head, inspiration and craft can fashion.


This is the crux of my music since the epiphany of my first mature

composition, String Quartet No.1 (1997-2000), completed at the late

age of fifty-three.  Since then my direction has remained unchanged,

affirming over and over a conviction that the most substantial music

speaks a contrapuntal language whose intellectual satisfaction is

indistinguishable from its emotive power.


In effect highly focused essays of discovery, my every work follows its 

own trajectory defined in the making, resolutely tapping its cane to a

centric goal the listener, player (and above all I) must listen for.



                                                                           Louis Pelosi

                                                                           January, 2016